About MacBlend


MacBlend is a Seattle based training & consulting company specializing in Apple computers.

Whether you're a Novice user getting started with your Mac, an Intermediate user moving up to things like iLife, iWork, or Keyboard Shortcuts, or a Pro user trying advance yourself with Aperture or Final Cut Pro, we can help.

We focus on technology independence. Our clients feel better about using their Macs because of how much time, money, stress, & energy they save after learning to streamline their workflow or become more advanced users.

Our training allows you to fully customize your learning experience and the teaching methods to fit your exact situation and learning style. At a rate of $70 per hour (vs. an average of $120/hour with others), you won't find a better deal in the Greater Seattle area. Our policy is that if you don't truly enjoy your experience with MacBlend, you don't pay.

So try a session and see for yourself. :-)