How to Calibrate Your Mac, iPhone, or iPad Battery

One of the most common complaints about Apple’s mobile products is their length of battery life. Whether someone is using an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or a laptop such as MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, the battery life is one thing most users will say is problematic.

The first thing to realize is that a device’s battery is largely determined by its usage. For example… An iPhone that is generally used to check email will have a longer battery life than an iPhone that is more commonly used to shoot video. So when deciding if your device is having battery trouble, first ask yourself about your usage.

If you still believe your mobile device to have a problematic battery, one option is to recalibrate it.

Step One: Use the device until the battery has drained to the point of self-shutdown. Basically, use it until it turns itself off.

Step Two: Recharge the battery without any interruptions until it is fully charged to 100%.

Step Three: For mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches, reset the device by holding the Sleep/Wake button at the top and the Home button at the bottom until you see the Apple logo then release. You can ignore the “Swipe to Power Off” option.

If you find calibration doesn’t improve the situation, try these iPhone troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

For laptop Macs, there’s no need to reset the device but you can choose to restart it if you’d like. The main thing to remember is that the electrons in your lithium-based battery need to move occasionally so leaving it plugged in all the time is not the best thing for your notebook computer. Please keep in mind that current laptop Macs don’t need to be calibrated. More info here.

When it comes to how frequently you should perform this maintenance, every few months is just fine. It’s also good to know that you won’t see any more of an increase in performance by calibrating more than once a month. Just keep an eye out for software updates that frequently improve your battery even more than using this tip. If after you’ve calibrated your battery, you still feel that your battery drains quickly, it’s worth it to pay a visit to your local Apple Store to have it looked at.

If after all this, you still find that your battery isn’t lasting as long as you need it to, you can always purchase an external battery pack such as this one to keep with you in case you need it.



  1. Step One.One:
    Leave the device for 5+ hours before start charging. This will fully drain the battery.

    • my ipad is not charging at all.i tried conector bt nothing is working and now my kepad is really me.i m afraid if i drain the battery what if it does not switch on at all

      • Hi Nabu,

        I’d recommend speaking with AppleCare either over the phone or at the Apple store Genius Bar. From your description, it could go either way. Either a big problem or a small issue.

        • is there no way you can help me charge my ipad cause there is no apple service center nearby and my ipad has only 9% charge plz help

          • Hi Nabu,

            Call 1-800-APL-CARE for Apple support by phone. I can help you similarly over the phone but my rates are higher than Apple and if your iPad is having hardware issues, you’d have to go to them anyway. I’d love to help you personally but in your situation, you’d get the best result from Apple.

  2. iThinkergoiMac

    As per Apple’s own instructions, these are wrong for current Macs. All of Apple’s laptops come pre-calibrated and there’s no need for regular calibration. See their support article:

    • @MacBlend

      You’re right. I should have been more specific. Anyone with an older model Mac can use this article or the link in the comment above. Thanks iThinkergoiMac for bringing that to my attention.

  3. Why does the plug get so hot when charging my ipad???

    • Apple focuses on design as much as function and in trying to keep things as sleek and small as possible, sometimes they accept little things like that. Apple products, although amazing, are notorious for getting (sometimes problematically) hot. Best to keep it in a place where air can pass over it and not tucked to far away but it’s nothing to worry about. :)

    • Heat is produced from electric current passing through something with resistance (such as the charging port). You’ll notice this as well when copying a lot of data to a USB thumb drive, they can get pretty warm too. Oldschool light bulbs might be a better example. The iPad and other tablets draw more current to charge quickly then a lot of other USB devices (hence the larger power blocks they come with as opposed to iPhones), so you’ll notice it more. I think it’s something like 5 watts for phones, 12 watts for many tablets.

  4. I am wondering … Because I have been told never to allow the battery to drain completely… So I charge my iPad once it gets to ten percent battery life. Will draining it completely not affect batter life? Thanks.

    • @MacBlend

      Kristin, the important thing to know is that you’re not going to really hurt your iPad by letting it drain or by waiting until 10%. These days batteries are smart enough to withstand almost all user error. We used to have to pay very close attention to how we charged our batteries. These days it’s not so important. So don’t worry, :-) Apple’s goal is for you to not have to think about it much.

      • Well, that is a relief then MB. Thanks :)

        • i do the same… i usually drain my ipad before i charge it.. and i read in some articles that it’s not good for the battery’s life… so it isn’t true? tnx

          • @MacBlend

            You don’t have to intentionally drain it. Your goal should be to not think about your charging rhythms. Just don’t plug it in every time it drops 10%. Charging nightly works for most people.

  5. That was actually really funny. Thanks for the laugh. Great way to start the day. Cheers!

    • Just trying to brighten someone’s day. I did follow the advise above and it seems to have helped my problem. Thanks!

  6. so, are you saying these have nicad batteries? Lithium batteries, you are supposed to avoid discharging completely, and to keep them on the charger as much as possible.

    • Hi Kevin,

      iPads and iPhones use Lithium-ion and polymer batteries. To be honest, most people won’t see a huge change in battery life-span before they change to a newer model. While fully discharging is not recommended frequently, you won’t damage the device by doing so on rare occasion. Also, there are many more effective tips to increase your battery life (such as keeping it at room temperature) than keeping it on the charger all the time. Best thing is to use it “naturally” without going outside your daily routine to cater to the battery.

  7. Since last 2 days I am not able to charge my ipad with the 10 w USB adapter,but when I connect it to my computer it is getting charged,but when inserted in wall socket it shows no sign of charging……can’t figure out what’s the problem……does anyone have any suggestion for this problem

    • It could be a few different things. Options are: bad outlet, perhaps try a different one. Bad adapter, faulty or just could be dusty in the USB port. Or it could just be that the iPad needs to be reset by pressing and holding the sleep and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. There could be other reasons as well. These are just the first few that jump out at me.

      Hope that helps!

      • I found that my apple 10W adapter has very poor contacts on the usb plug, and have been through 3 adapters total, I now use my laptop to charge my iPad 3 with the help of ASUS Ai Charger its just software that hacks the usb port to allow more power

        • @MacBlend

          Hmm. I’d be a little concerned using a hack to charge consistently but whatever works for you. :)

  8. For the first time do I have to fully drain my battery on my iPad 4?

    • It should already be calibrated from the factory. I’d only worry about doing it again several months down the line if you notice quick depletion.

  9. Greetings from GA Mr. MacBlend! My new iPad 4 does not charge up to 100%. My charge log indicates 92%, 87%, and now 74% after charging the device overnight. I feel the trend will continue and I’ll wind up with a dead battery soon. Is this a case for the Apple store or can I calibrate to fix?

    • I would first try to Reset the iPad by holding the home and sleep button at the same time until you see the apple logo. If that doesn’t help, try a restore using iTunes. The Apple store can help with that or if neither of those options work, you may have a hardware issue that you can definitely be helped with by a visit to the Apple store. But at least there’s two home options first. Just make sure you back up all of your data before doing anything. :)

      • Thanks! I just executed a reset and I’m at 3% battery. I will now charge for about 7 hours. Hopefully we’ll hit 100%!

        • I just had a “not so amazing” discovery. Charging only pushed up to 74% again. Then, the battery status indicator displayed “Not Charging”. I then removed the charger plug from a 3 plug outlet extender, removed the 4ft USB extension cable, plugged charger and stock cable into the wall, and the iPad started charging towards 100% at a considerably faster rate.

          Lesson Learned: Don’t put extra stuff between the outlet and iPad when charging. There is a great chance of current loss if you do.

          Thanks Again!

          • It’s amazing what simple things like extensions can change. Always try to use the most direct route to power through the wall or your computer. I’m glad that all worked out! :)

        • Princess sousou

          I always connect the ipad mini to my pc but the computer didn’t recognize the problem from my ipad?

          • @MacBlend

            Most likely out of date software on the PC. Make sure everything’s up to date, that you have the minimum software requirement, reboot your PC, or reset your iPad if necessary, or try a different USB cord.

  10. Greetings from Sharon, My ipad1 didn’t come up after using it, what do you think I can do. I have tried to use charge it with different cable hoping that it will come up but it never come up.

    • Hi Sharon,

      My apologies. I don’t understand the question. By “come up” do you mean it won’t “turn on” or “power up?” If so, try resetting it by holding the sleep and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo. It may just be in a temporarily frozen state. Hope that helps.

  11. Hi I really need some help ,I dropped my ipad 2 on cement, it landed on its back i had a case on it ,but when I picked it up the screen was completely blue , so I searched online to try. To figure out what the blue screen meant and if there were any other reports of that happening to an ipad but I diddnt find anything so I was wondering if you knew anything about what it means when it dose that . Thank you .

    • Hi Hunter,

      I’m sorry that happened. I haven’t experienced that but I can only assume something has come loose in the display with the jarring drop. I’d definitely take it into the Apple store but there’s a good chance they may charge you for a repair as physical damage isn’t covered under Applecare.

  12. Hey when i sync my ipad onto the computer it doesnt chsrge while doing it

    • That usually means the USB port can’t power the device. Mostly happens with older computers. Otherwise, try resetting the device by holding the sleep and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo. It may just be stuck.

      Hope that helps…

      • I have the same problem. How do I know if my Mac is too old to charge my iPad 4? :)

        • You should be good as long as your Mac has USB 2.0. If not, you can always charge from a wall power outlet.

          • Anil Kumar Nallan Chakravarthy


            I think iPad won’t charge when connected to computer until its in sleep mode. If you are working or iPad is in wake mode, put it to sleep mode then it will charge. It’s mentioned in the manual.

          • @MacBlend

            It should charge once connected (period.) If not, it may be a low power USB.

          • Hi, I use belkin powered USB hub to connect ipad to pc, and it charges. But when it is in wake mode, it shows not charging. I think it’s mentioned in manual. I also noticed that before connecting PC it was 20% later when I disconnected it came to 60%.

          • No for me it is charging while connected to my PC using belkin powered USB hub. But it shows not charging when you wake the ipad from sleep. I remember it was mentioned in manual. But I noticed when I connected ipad to pc it was 20% then later when I disconnected its 60%.

        • It seems there is some error while submitted a reply through ipad, so I had to type 2 times. Sorry about that.

  13. I have an ipad 2 and I never really know what percentage to start charging it. Almost always I just let it get down to about 5% or until it shuts off itself. Is that okay or only good every once in a while?

    • You don’t have to worry about it. I tend to plug it in at night or when it tells me the battery is low. The best way to think about it is to not think about it. :)

      • our I pad will not charge until it is below 1%. can that be changed?

        • @MacBlend

          Sounds like it needs to be reset. It should charge from any percentage point once it’s plugged in.

  14. Hi,
    Thank you for your comments and your help.
    recently my school decided to go iPad 4, giving all teachers an iPad 4 and a 16 hour course to go with it. Next year all students will have one, and we’ll be using them, + white board projectors, for lessons. Pretty amazing, huh?

    So … after the second training session of 6 hours, got home, noticed that the battery was way low, plugged it in to charge, … nothing. Tried everything for an hour, nothing.
    Panicking, as you can imagine, private school iPad and all that, … plugged it on this morning and is currently charging like a lamb.

    Any ideas as to why? Is it a heat issue do you think? (It was very hot after being used 6 hours straight)… would heat have caused a battery recharging issue?

    • It could be anything but is most likely related to the software. If it keeps doing that, I’d try a reset or a restore but at this point, I’d just say keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. Many times, iPads show they aren’t charged when they actually are.

      I love that your school is doing that. I wish more of them were.

  15. Hi to continue the no charging theme. My iPad 2 is plugged in using various wall sockets, usb cables, to my computer etc. It has the logo on that looks like it is charging but nothing happens. I can’t even get to the stage where I can reset it…… I am perplexed and words of advice or do I need to go to the Apple Store?

    • It’s stuck. You definitely need a reset and the good news is there’s no stage you have to be in order to reset. No matter what’s on the screen, hold the sleep button and the home button together until it goes black and then shows the Apple logo. As soon as you see that logo, let go. After that, keep an eye on it. If it’s really having problems, I’d say to restore it.

      Hope that helps.

  16. Oh deary, I can’t reset or restore…. I feel a trip to the Store coming on…. Many thanks for your advice. Thanx

    • It’s possible there might be a hardware issue. I’d definitely make a Genius Bar appointment.

  17. Question on reseting. Above you mentioned as soon as you see the apple logo, let go.
    I remember from my old macs that you should let go after the logo comes back the 3rd time for a complete reset. Is it different with ipads or the devices of today or was that just never really true? Thanks

    • Hi David,

      Completely different process for iPads and iPhones. Also, it sounds like you were talking about a PRAM reset on the Mac.

  18. Thank you, I believe you are right in that it was the PRAM being reset. But having said that, without realizing the difference, it is how I’ve been “resetting” my iphone and ipad mini on occasion when I felt it was needed. I have seen no adverse results ot having let the apple logo come back on 3 times while continually holdin it down. While I now know it is useless to hold longer than one cycle can there be damage by hold through more than one cycle?

    • I don’t believe so but I wouldn’t continue that way. Waiting until the Apple logo appears once is enough. Also, it’s not something you should have to do frequently. Only when your device seems to not be functioning properly.

  19. Dr. WOlfgang Mohr

    Hi Matt,
    my iPad 2 ALWAYS needs at least two dozen start-up attempts to start properly and then it shuts down after 5 to 10 seconds. Sometimes it won’t show anything than the “plug me in please” cable icon. iPad is not used on a daily basis, is not jailbroken, never fell.

    • Definitely needs a fresh installation of the software by doing a “restore as new” in iTunes. Connect the iPad, select the device in iTunes, then choose Restore. May even want the guys at the Apple store to make sure it’s not a hardware problem.

      • Dr. Wolfgang Mohr

        Thank you very much Matt for your idea. I performed the restore part several times already. Didn’t help. Please believe me I ain’t no novice to computers and the like as I worked with and against them since 1967. It might be, after your opinion, worth the trip to the Apple Store . . . Thank you again Sir. – I’ll keep you posted after my visit downtown (*sigh*) My best wishes to you for the Christmas Season! Wolfgang

  20. Hi Last night my Ipad 3 got 45% battery and I forgot to switch off the WIFI. I wake up this morning and my Ipad 3 is low battery/switch off. I tried to recharge using different outlet but it wont switch on. It is already more than 1 hour while Im writing this to you. Normally in just 5 mins the battery icon will appear showing that it is charging but now it is totally black. Your immediate advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  21. I read what was supposed to be a transcript of an actual conversation with a customer on the phone with tech support. I cant remember the whole thing but the jest of it was this:
    The customer called because the battery on the device had run down and wouldn’t charge back up. The Tech support went through the normal set of questions. When he got to the part about making sure it was plugged in properly,
    the customer said “what plug?”
    the tech support said “the one that plugs into the device with the small adapter and the other end in the wall outlet.”
    The customer said “I haven’t taken it out of the box”
    After a pause, the Tech support said “take it out of the box and plug it into the device and the wall outlet”
    The customer said “why?”
    After another longer pause, Tech support said “To charge it up”
    The customer then said in a angry frustrated tone, “I THOUGHT IT WAS WIRELESS!!!”
    You can probably imagine the rest of the conversation…. :-D

  22. My iPod seems to only want to get to like 10 or 20% and then it stops charging but on random occasions it will fully charge and its not the charger or the adapter or outlet

    • Try resetting the device by holding the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time until you see the Apple logo, then let go. Sometimes that number is just a false reading.

  23. james davidson

    iPad 2 will not charge shows battery in red with electrical symbol and plug symbols flashing on and off.changed USB cable still nothing any ideas. cheers.

  24. I have reset my iPad as you suggested but I’m still getting ‘not charging’ when I plug it in. I’ve tried three different cords, different outlets and the computer. Nothing seems to work. More thought or suggestions?

    • It’s most likely time to make an appointment with an Apple Store Genius Bar to make sure the hardware is fully functional.

  25. I needed to recalibrate my wife’s iPhone 4S battery. There was an issue with the button even though the iPhone was only 8 months old. Apple Store was nice and replaced under warranty for $100.

    However the iPhone 4S they replaced it with was a refurbished model and battery life sucks. I will definitely re-calibrate. The only issue is getting her to stop using it long enough to fully exhaust the battery and then fully recharge it.

    Anyone else experience a replaced Apple device only to find the battery to be extremely terrible? Or do you think it’s just the new software updates iOS 6?

    • Refurbished devices aren’t a bad thing. They’re more quality-controlled than “new” devices. iOS 6 is definitely a battery suck but it gets better with each update. It’s great on the iPhone 5, not so much anything earlier. As for calibrating, you can let her use it all the way to 0%. When it dies, charge it up again. :)

  26. Hi MacBlend, I got a good tips from your article. I too had same problem as iPad mini stops charging its battery at 89%. But I tried to remove the adaptor and re-insert in same outlet (outlet is from my UPS) and the charging starts again from 89% till it reaches 100%.

    During a recent visit to apple store for same issue, they suggested to calibarate and check. While calibarating it charged till 100% but again the next day when it reaches 10% i put to charge and it stops at 89%. However now on removing and re-insert the adptor works, the technician at apple store was telling it could be due to some application also. I got my ipad mini just 10 days back and haven’t installed many apps yet. As a musician i’m trying to download some free music apps to try which suits for me before I purchase. But since the technician said about application, I’m scared.

    Do sometimes installing apps (especially free ones from appstore) will damage my iPad mini?

    • The chances of an App “damaging” or “corrupting” your phone are very very slim. Apple has a rigorous approval process Apps have to pass which weeds out problem software. I’d lean toward a battery issue but try these steps before taking it in again:

      • Thanks MB.. I have sought out that my issue with charging stops at 89% is due to the power outlet. It seems the charger get heated when its surrounded with other electronic devices plugs, computer etc. When I try to connect it in a different room or far from my other devices, it charges complete 100%.

        Regarding apps I have a doubt. I see some websites like with many apps not directing to ap store nor iTunes. Are these a valid or approved apps with Apple?


        • @MacBlend

          Glad you found the solution and that these blogs help.

          As for the site, it’s fine. Just a site that gets a commission when you buy an app from iTunes by clicking via there site. Super common. An app might not be efficient but rarely can it harm your device.

  27. Hugh Findlay

    I’m in the same boat – iPad simply won’t charge no matter what I do. So I heard about a MS Exchange bug that runs down the battery and I should update the OS, which I attempted. But it failed, saying I needed at least 50% charge to finish the update. I only have 5% left. Now what? Talk to an Apple ‘genius’?

  28. Hi there,

    Will this procedure help remedy a situation where my battery for an iphone 5 will charge only to 94% full overnight? For example, my iphone would be at 30% so I plug it in at 11pm and wake up at 7am and it’s stuck at 94%…. I’m not sure whether this is a hardware issue or a calibration issue.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • It’s possible. I’d definitely try a soft reset first tho.

  29. Hi, my ipad 3 drains 1% every 3mins. When im using an app it drains 3% in a minute is that normal or something? Thnx

    • @MacBlend

      Hi Josh,

      That’s fairly normal. Can be more or less depending on the App. Video or gaming will drain more vs word processing may drain less. The 1% every three minutes seems a bit fast. You may have Bluetooth on or something in location services could be stuck.

  30. Hi,

    Is this method going to work also with iPhone 5?

    Should I need to disconnect the fully charged phone before performing “hard boot” (sleep/wake+home buttons)??

    All the best!

    • @MacBlend

      Yes, this works the same on the iPhone 5. Disconnecting shouldn’t make a big difference before resetting.

  31. Hi,

    Is there a way to downgrade your current iOS software

    • @MacBlend

      Not officially (or legally really.) There are plenty of resources out there if you decide you need to. It’s just not something I could help you with.

  32. Anil Kumar Nallan Chakravarthy

    Hi MB,
    I found something hope it might be another tip or correct me if I’m doing it wrong.

    I found that if I charge my iPad Mini before the battery reaches 10% or below, and charge before it reaches 90% then the battery life is giving more day by day compared to charging it from below 10% till full charge.

    For example, during full charge, my iPad mini was giving usage hours of 10-11 hours till 5% or below battery. But now iPad mini gave 11 hours 41 minutes from 93 to 22%. So it will easily come up to 15 hours using till below 5% of battery. My usage was almost similar every time.

    So I can charge in this way?

    Can it be a tip for others or its simply the more I charge and use the battery it improves in battery life? My iPad mini is a month old.

    • @MacBlend

      Anything is possible. Although there’s no official material on this idea, it doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing it. Also, keep in mind, the battery life will fluctuate wildly based on usage. For example, you can get 20 hours of email time or 5 hours of video time. In order to test this theory, you’d need to someone how control the experiment to do the exact same tasks. Or at least run the test enough to give an average.

  33. Hi macblend,

    I know it’s off topic. I need some info about suitable headsets (with mic) and full body screen protector for iPad mini. I’m using a normal headset with but it’s not getting stereo sound, especially with YouTube. And I read somewhere that using screen protector damages the quality of screen / glass.

    Any help?

  34. Hi!
    How do i know if i already need to change the battery of my ipad2? (though i just bought it last july) It’s just that when i recharge it, it shows that it is 100% charged. But when i unplug it,it suddenly becomes 95% charged. Also, there are times when i left it charging for more than four hours… And always charged it to 100%. Is that bad? Thanks a lot.

    • @MacBlend

      Probably nothing wrong and to be honest, changing the battery means replacing the iPad as there is no battery swap option. I would guess its most likely a software thing and would recommend resetting or at worst restoring the iPad software. However, none of this may be necessary as what you’re describing doesn’t sound like a problem. Although the number may jump down 5%, it doesn’t mean you actually lose that. Just keep an eye on it for now.

  35. Confused

    I have an iPad . Its charging cable tore and I got the replacement but It says “Charging not supported with accessory”. Please help. Technical details:
    iPad 1st gen
    iOS 5.1.1

    • @MacBlend

      I may be a 3rd party cable and the iPad just doesn’t like it. Although it gives the message, it may still work as a charger. There are lots of devices that cause that message but they still work. If yours doesn’t, you’ll want to replace that cable or you could even try resetting the iPad and see if that helps.

      • Confused

        The cable is official and I have tried resetting and restarting. It doesn’t work withe cable. I can’t restore because I don’t have a WiFi connection as of now. Do you think it is worth a trip to the apple store?

        • Confused

          @MacBlend, I went to the store where I purchased the wire “US shoppe” and showed them the device. They provided me with a cable witha slightly different dock pin. Turns out iPad 1, 2 and have slightly different wires. Thanks anyway

  36. When I am making a call the person on the other end can not hear me but I can hear them. Help Please.

    • @MacBlend

      Hi Teresa,

      Unfortunately, I can’t say what’s going on without running some tests but is recommend visiting the Apple Store Genius Bar nearest you so they can see in person what’s happening.

  37. Andy ToThe Le

    Hello MacBlend, I have an iPad Mini, I received it as a gift for my birthday approximately one month from the time this was written. Anywho, back onto my question. The battery on my iPad Mini is rather weird because whenever I charge my iPad, I have the brightness all the way down, then in the morning when I go to school, I take it off of the charger and turn the brightness all the way up and my battery isn’t the battery Apple stated it would be. As the battery would lose 1% every minute or two. Why is this and how may I fix it?

    PS: I have very many processes running during the charging process (to fill in for the usage of full brightness), and I don’t charge my iPad for a full 7 hours of my sleep (I sleep at 2:00AM and wake up at 6:00AM so that the iPad would be charged for a full 4 hours or less.)

    • @MacBlend

      Hi Andy,

      The more you run on your iPad, the faster you’ll lose a charge. Try clearing any multitasking apps, resetting, then charging for at least 6-8 hours.

  38. Hi MacBlend,

    I purchased a new iPad (4) last week when on travel in Europe, and now it keeps switching off. No way to restart it, even if I try to reset (pushing both buttons). Only way to start it up is to plug it onto power, as if the battery were drained.

    The strange thing is that this happens with full 100% battery, and it crashes after 5-10 minutes as soon as I unplug it from the power cord. Tried to let it charge for 24 hours, and it crashes again as soon as I unplug it. When restarting it shows the low battery icon every time, which isn’t possible.

    Basically, I can only use the iPad when it is plugged in, I.e. it’s useless.

    What can I do? I live in a country without Istores or any reliable service.
    Thanks for your help.

    • @MacBlend

      Sounds like potentially bad hardware and may need to be replaced. Although you don’t have an apple store near you, you can still call AppleCare and get help via shipping. Granted not as convenient but may be the only option.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        This is bad news :-(

        Do you think restoring to factory settings could help?
        It will be a bit hard to do since the Pad won’t continue charging when plugged into my laptop and will probably shut down during restore. But worth a try, I suppose.

        2) I lost my purchase receipt, does this affect my warranty? Or can the purchase be traced via serial number?

        thanks again.

        • @MacBlend

          You don’t need a receipt. It’s tied to the serial.

          I’d lean against trying to restore if it won’t stay on. Might make things worse.

  39. Mary McKinney

    Gosh, I hoping you can help, but I’m sure I already know the answer…so, here’s what is happening. My phone goes dead I charge it, it takes charge to the point that it will come on, after that, it stops charging altogether. I am using both the usb charger and using the computer to charge it, or using the wall plug in to charge it. Is there anything at all I can do, other than replace the battery?

    • @MacBlend

      You could try resetting or restoring it but it sounds like it could be a bad battery. :-/

  40. hi, just bought an ipad mini yesterday, i did what they told me in the store, drain and charge the battery that is :) , question is how long is the initial charging for the mini? tenks a bunch :)

    • @MacBlend

      Sorry, I was out of town. Once your battery reads 100% you’re ready but I tend to let it charge just a little longer. The best policy is don’t worry about hurting it. It’s hard to damage these things with charging patterns.

  41. Dominique

    I was using my iPad2 with maximum brightness when it ran out of battery and now it will not charge. I plug it in, it shows the battery symbol with the red line showing it is charging, after a minute or so the apple logo appears, a couple of minutes later it finishes turning itself on shows the lock screen momentarily but then immediately shuts down with the rotating circle exactly as if it had just run out of battery. It seems to be charging just fine but is turning itself on too soon, is there anyway I can prevent it from trying to power on so it can actually charge, there isn’t time for me to manually power off or do anything as the lock screen is only shown for a split second. I’ve tried many times to perform a reset but it makes no difference and I’ve tried different chargers, wall sockets, wires, everything! It’s just stuck in this cycle, any ideas would be so much appreciated, have just come back from holiday with no wifi and not had a chance to backup yet :(

    • Dominique

      Ah-ha! I have just discovered that despite all apple wall chargers looking the same they supply different power wattage, I have just found my 10W wall charger and my iPad is charging happily. I have always used them interchangeable before so I guess maybe the maxm brightness just couldn’t be sustained with the lower power adapter. Learn something everyday!

  42. Hi MacBlend,

    I have something to ask you but its off the topic. I tried searching any related articles, but couldn’t find one so reply here. Please forward me to the right place if I must.

    I heard about that by installing some of their sponsored apps (which are free), they give some credits with which we can get gift vouchers at iTunes Store.

    Are they good to install? When trying to install the Freemyapp into my iPad mini, it prompted to verify settings and accept the app to get my ipad’s UDID or so. But I cancelled it from installing. IS it safe?

    Furthermore, these gift vouchers are valid only in US iTunes Store not other countries. Any ideas on this please let me know.

    • @MacBlend

      I honestly couldn’t say. It looks fine but I don’t know what’s going on in the background.

  43. Anthony McAtamney

    Hello sir Sons Ipad mini is not charging beyond 2% but showing as charging any ideas ? is it possible the lead is faulty as it only shows charging on one side if i take it out and turn it over it shows not charging ….help. thanks in advance

  44. My iPhone turns off at 60% why?

    • @MacBlend

      Good question. I’d try resetting or restoring first. If not, take it in to Apple for repairs.

  45. I made a mistake and fell asleep while using my iPod touch 5th gen before going to sleep. It drained completely for a few hours but when I woke up I immediately started recharging it. Is there any damage to the battery or will it be fine as long as I don’t like it drain completely again? This iPod was a brand new one that I had gotten the same day if that helps.

  46. I normally do all these steps that are stated, but I find no difference in the amount of time my iPod runs out of battery, which is very quickly. My iPod 4th Gen (Touch screen) is two years old and I was wondering if how old it is makes a difference. Also, I charge my device using an iPod Dock, not an Apple Adapter. Does this make a difference? And how long should you leave the device after you have fully ran it out of battery until you charge it again?

    • @MacBlend

      A 3rd party dock for charging could make a difference. Also, calibrating doesn’t necessarily improve your battery. It just sort of resets the timing. There’s no length you need to wait before recharging if it runs out.

  47. My ipad mini doesn’t charge up to 100%. It just stops on 99% when charged overnight. Help please!

    • @MacBlend

      There’s almost no difference between charging to 99% or 100%. If it really bothers you, you could attempt a reset. Details here.

  48. Catdude900

    I always had my iPad 2 run down to zero more than once a month, and I just got the iPad 4 on the 15th. So I plan to do the same, it has done good for my ipad 2 so let me do it again this time! :)

  49. Replaced iPhone 4s Battery now the phone cycles turning off/on about every minute or so. This only happens if I’m charging the phone. If I’m not charging the phone its fine however it only shows about 5-8% battery life. The phone will go almost the entire day before dying which tells me the battery is in fact charging but the battery life doesn’t recognize. What might be happening?

    • @MacBlend

      Sounds like maybe a connection issue. Could have happened during the replacement. I’d take it into an Apple Store for tests.

  50. Hello

    When my iphone 5 hits 0% and shuts down, if I start charging it will boot-on on its own or wil I have to turn it back on and then do the hard reset. Sorry I’m new to the whole idevices^^;

    • @MacBlend

      Not sure what you’re asking but what you’re doing is correct. The iPhone will automatically turn itself back on and charge back up. That’s a good thing.

  51. Alison Lovelock

    I have an I Pad 2 and use it all the time. Plugged it in last night to charge and this morning nothing!. I have followed the above advise for resetting but when I press the home and sleep button but all that happens is the battery picture appears on the screen briefly then disappears. I need help,is this a problem with the charging cable do you think? I have tried charging it through my lap top but again nothing.

    • @MacBlend

      Hmm.. Something is preventing it from charging. I’d try plugging it into a different wall outlet. See if you can get enough charge to reset (if necessary) The red battery image is a good thing that means everything is ok with the software. Sometimes we just have to wait until it has charged enough which may take some time. If all else fails, you may have to take it in to see if there’s a problem with the port.

  52. So my Ipad 2 goes dead completely and I go to plug it in and it works just fine, it turns on and then it just stops charging. What could be my problem? PLease & Thank you!

    • @MacBlend

      Could be a low power outlet or USB. Try plugging it in to something else and see what happens.

      • Today I got almost 15 hours of usage time which don’t include heavy games but emails, facebook, youtube, browsing etc. I am happy..

  53. before restart the iphone, should unplugged the charger? or keep charging?

    • @MacBlend

      It doesn’t matter but plugging it in will turn it back on if it’s off.

  54. My iPhone 5 battery needs recalibrated and I can’t do the method of holding the power button and home button to shut it off because my power button is broke and wont work! What should I do?

    • Not much you can do but you don’t need to reset it really. Just let it drain until it turns itself off.

  55. Just a tip, I’ve found that turning the auto screen lock to ‘never’ and then using a flashlight app drains the battery super quick! I wanted to recalibrate overnight but still had 40% battery life, so I needed a strategy to empty it fast; it took only 30 minutes to bleed the battery dry.

    By the way MacBlend, thanks for all the helpful tips, tricks and advice. I’m a recent Android convert and would be a little lost without your help. Have a good one and keep up the great work! :-)

  56. During recalibration, is it ok to use iPhone after you let it die out and begin to recharge it again? I know it says to charge uninterrupted but I’m not sure if that means to not unplug it and replug it back in or not to use it at all during recharge.

    • Uninterrupted simply means don’t unplug it before it’s back to one hundred percent but you’re more than welcome to use it.

  57. How do I charge my iphone?

  58. Battery life – is it better to use ipad on battery only or while charging?
    Tech at a cell phone repair place said, for newer cell phones, it is MUCH better to use battery only and then recharge the cell phone.
    Has anyone heard directly from Apple support on this?

    • The best policy is not to think about it. Use it on battery so it can be mobile as it was designed. When you notice it needs to be charged, then plug it in. If you should need to keep using it during that time, you won’t hurt it. Hope that helps.

      • Hi,why does my iphone 5 battery stays on 94% and doesn’t charge till 100%?

  59. anjani sun

    my iPad 3 is not charging~ upper left corner shows charging ~ yet no increase in percentage?? any assistance super appreciated

    • I’d try resetting it first. Details here: If all else fails, it could be a bad battery but most likely not.

  60. since I updated my IPAD 2 fm IOS 6 to IOS 7 my battery drained too fast….After an hour charging from 20% a minute prior it became 100%, maybe 1 to 2 hours using about 67% it forcibly shutting down and when I tried to open the latter, it shows need to be recharge…What’s necessary action must be done to make it work like before?

  61. i tried to reset it in hardware and software but still not working..

    • You may have a hardware issue. I’d take it to the Apple store or call AppleCare.

  62. Jaden Levi

    Anyone with an Apple product complains about the battery life? Really? Apple’s mobile products’ battery life tends to be ahead of the pack. Certainly not as bad as you make it out to be.

    • Hi Jaden,

      I think it just sounds bad because of the atmosphere of this article being a place where people visit when they have problems.

      I love Apple’s battery technology and generally believe (unless something is wrong) that if your battery doesn’t last all day, you’re probably just using the phone more than you should be. I usually end my day at around 40%. Only on really busy days do I reach 10-20%.

      Thanks for the comment.

  63. Hi, my iphone 5s battery drains quickly, for about 3-4 hrs minimal use, I’d tried resetting my phone, also did hard reset, also i calibrated it, turn off those features that kills the battery like location services, parallax effect, background application refresh, etc. I also contacted Apple Store and they said that my battery passed the diagnostics. But why my battery still drains so fast. Please help me. Really appreciate the help.

    • The only thing left if all those tests proved inconclusive would be the use of the phone. “Minimal” is subjective and some basic apps like Google Maps can drain your battery in an hour with directions. Reply with a list of the Apps you use everyday and I’ll see if there’s one that stands out.

      You also could be spending your time in between cell towers and it’s constantly searching or struggling to find one.

      • Actually, i do not use gps, my usage is some text, no calls at at all, little amount of facebook and i disconnect to 3g when i did not use it, i usually connected to 2g. Is poor network signal eventhough youre connected to 2g can also drain youre battery. Is it normal that when i use my phone facebook, i even saw my battery percentage drops before my eyes.

        • It’s not normal but not unheard of. It sounds like either a problem battery or something you’re unaware of running in the background which is the more common issue. I’d restore your phone “as new” and use it with no 3rd party apps for a day and see what happens.

          • Actually, i did reset my phone, i already reset it, erase all content also, how do i restore my phone? As i said before my battery passed the diagnostics as per apple.

          • Another freaking thing i’d experience with my battery is before going to sleep it was 25% and when i woke up (about 7 hours of sleep) it was 15%. It drops 10% with no use, I close all my apps before going to sleep and i am neither connected to 3G nor wifi, They are both turn-off. Please help me out to solve this issue, because i’m really freaking out with this battery. Thanks,

          • Hi, any update with my above query. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

          • All I can offer from here is to recommend trying the restore and if that doesn’t help, go back to Apple for more tests or to exchange.

  64. Hi there mac. Is it okay to always charge my ipad mini fully up to 100%? Ive read it in other sites that it should only be up to 80% to reduce the battery lose while not in use. How is this true? My ipad mini registered 8 mins = 1% is that okay? Thanks

    • You can charge to 100. I’d be more concerned about what Apps are running in the background, location services, difficult 3G or Wi-Fi connections, screen brightness, etc.

      • Im not using location services. And my brightness is at the lowest. Is 8mins 1% fast draining battery? I always charge it upto 80% before but yesterday ive tried to charge it up to 100% and im surprised with the battery. From 100% to 99% it took 1hour and 20 mins. Thanks for the reply sir.

  65. here is my problem. I have an Ipod nano, 7th generation. If I hook up the apple ear pods the ipod plays for hours on end, but if I hook up the ipod to a 3mm jack to rca to play through the radio at work, the battery goes dead within 2 hours.

    • It has to work harder to “push” a larger sound. You’ll find different battery life playing through different devices.

  66. Sir….plz help me….
    I am using my ipod touch after 1 month and for 1 month it was in cuboard….and when i used it after 1 month i just pluged it for charging…but chrging battery icon not appearig….the device is little bit charging but battery charging icon not appearing…..what this happened plz help….!!! How to come out from this condition….plz plz plz help me plz

    • It may need to be reset (Click here for details) or it may just need longer to charge. Sometimes when a device has gone uncharged for long periods, it takes much longer to get started. I’d try a reset first tho.

  67. My iPhone 4S turns off when it hits 7% and it just shows a screen telling me to plug it in… Would this be a good time to recalibrate?

  68. Hi! my IPhone 3gs will not charge or respond to being plugged into a USB (PC) I have recently had issues with it saying “charging not supported with this accessory” but after unplugging and re-plugging it in again it charges.. Not this time.. It is completely unresponsive and only has 23% HELP!

    • Sounds like an unsupported cable. I’d buy an official or licensed apple cable and charge from a wall outlet.

  69. Hi MacBlend, I got a question about recalabrating the battery. In step 3, where you hold down the sleep\wake button and the home button at the same time. Do you leave the phone plugged in when you hold down the sleep\wake and home button or do you unplug the phone and then hold the sleep\wake and home button? I am not sure if I am supposed to leave the phone plugged in still when I do that or unplug the phone first and then do that. I have been unplugging the phone first but not sure if I am supposed to do that or not. If you could clarify that it would be great. Thanks

  70. MacBlend, when it talks about holding the sleep/wake and home button down til you see the Apple logo, is the phone supposed to be on or off when you hold the bottoms down.

    • @MacBlend

      Usually it’s on when you reset it but it works either way.

  71. Jan Carmichael

    I have an iPad2 and recently upgraded to IOS7 and I really wish I hadn’t. I let my battery completely discharge and now it won’t charge at all! I’ve tried resetting and doing the calibration but all it does is show a battery icon with a little flashing red light then it goes off completely. I never do see an apple logo come up. I have left it charging all night and all day today. I did a little search and apparently this is not an uncommon problem with people who have downloaded the IOS 7 upgrade…(if you can call it an upgrade). Any other suggestions? I”ve been using the cord and plug-in that came with the iPad and have had no issues until now. At the very least I think people need to know that you’re taking a chance letting your iPad discharge completely before recharging if you’ve downloaded the so-called upgrade. Any ideas?

    • @MacBlend

      Sounds like the software didn’t quite take. You may need to restore it with a new copy of iOS 7. Basically that means to run the update again. The other option is that you can take it into the Apple store and let them restore it. If that doesn’t work, their may be a faulty battery that the new OS discovered.

  72. My ipad has been working fine for a while now but all of sudden it stopped charging correctly? My ipad says that it’s charging however the percent keeps going down. My ipad has fully shut down now and I don’t know what to do because it doesn’t charge? Please help

    • @MacBlend

      Hi Autumn,

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you what’s happening based on that description. What I’d say to do is to first follow these steps then if it’s still a problem, I’d take it to your nearest Apple store.

  73. Deepak Makkar


    My Iphone 4s is draining 20% in 1 hour.It gets red hot when i talk to someone.Whn i got the diagnostics test from apple store they suggested everything fine.
    the things i tried already are

    1. Deleting my email account.
    2. Resetting my Phone by pressing home and sleep button simultaneously.
    3. Deleting all the calendars of my Phone.

    Can anyone suggest please??

    • @MacBlend

      You may be in the middle between two cell towers meaning the phone is constantly battling to pick a tower. Try turning it into airplane mode and see if it still does it. If not, it’s a connection issue.

  74. my ipad air’s battery is stuck at 2% and it won’t change even if i charge it for hours and it has the lightning bolt sign too but it’s still at 2% and it reboots and reboots non stop.
    im freakin can’t use my ipad air no more…
    can I still fix this or what? i’ve tried every solution i see but none of them works :(((

    • @MacBlend

      If you’ve followed all the options listed in the article and tried resetting or restoring it and nothing has worked, you want to talk to Apple about checking the hardware for defects.

  75. I didn’t find any authentic and good solution to charge and make it ON, my iPad mini device so writing here to get a reasonable solution. My iPad mini charging drained out last week and I charged it for like 3 hours with charger ‘input 100-240V~50/60 Hz 0.15A’, while charging, the device heated up(too hot when hold it) and device remained OFF and not turning ON now. I tried many other power charger since last week to charge it but now it’s not charging and even not turning ON. Please let me know what can be the issue and how can I solve it.
    Looking forward a healthy solution.

    thanks :)

    • @MacBlend

      If you’ve followed all the options listed in the article and tried resetting or restoring it and nothing has worked, you want to talk to Apple about checking the hardware for defects.

  76. How long does it take, after your phone goes to the “Plug Into Charger Screen”, for the battery to actually die to where the battery ?

    • @MacBlend

      It varies but around 1-2 hours.

      • After over 30 hours, my iPhone 5 (well out of warranty) still had the battery power to show the “Plug Into Charger” screen. This was even after I kept pushing the power button all day so that the “Plug Into Charger” screen would show up and the reserve battery would be used up faster. I had the screen show up several hundred times. I gave up after that because women get mad when you don’t text them back.

        • @MacBlend

          Sorry for the delay. If your phone is still having trouble, you want to go directly to Apple’s support about possibly replacing it. Always keep notes on what you’ve tried and share that with them.

  77. Ross Griffiths

    My iPad Mini First Gen randomly turns itself off when im not using it and then when i try to turn it back on again i doesnt do anything and just stays on a black screen, the lock and home buttons definetly work and the battery is charged, i have since restored it in one of its moments of working and now it continues to turn off like it always did before, is this a problem with the battery thinking it doesnt have enough charge ? thats what i read online somewhere, if so what will need replacing ?

    • @MacBlend

      Hi Ross,
      Based on how this is written, I’m insure if what you’re experiencing is a problem or if it’s normal since the iPad does go to sleep on it’s own after a period of time. If you’re unsure, you can take it to an Apple store for diagnostics

  78. Hello MacBlend,
    My iphone 5 got water damage… after 3 days in rice, it’s working fine…except for the battery that won’t charge more than 45%. (well the first time I recherged it after the rice episode, it stop at 45%, I did something, don’t know what, then it showed it was at 80%, and after that, never went over 45%) I drained it completly, I reset the phone, still 45%. Today, I went to the genius bar to have the battery changed knowing I would have to pay for it but they just refused! They said I had to buy a new phone… Yes, the water damage indicator is red, but still, if I’m willing to pay, what is the problem? Why wouldn’t they change my battery?
    What dou you think : if I buy an external juice pack, will I be able to use my phone (always charging it back to 45% when it goes down to, lets say, 15-20%) ? Thanks!

    • Apple doesn’t change out iPhone batteries. When there’s a warranty-covered battery issue, they replace the whole phone. As for your battery, there is no good solution here. Water (or any liquid) is the one thing guaranteed to kill electronic devices. Even if you could manage to get it completely dry immediately, the corrosion will start right away. Getting your phone wet is essentially a death clock since it could be fine for a day or a week but it is definitely going to die.

      Liquid damage voids your warranty because even if they replace one part, the rest of the phone is also dying so they won’t put good parts into a dying phone. If you’re someone prone to spills or work near liquid, you want to invest in a waterproof case such as the Otterbox or the Lifeproof cases.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I wouldn’t buy an external battery, I’d buy a new phone when that one dies and carry your charger around with you until then.
      Sorry. :-(

  79. Oyer Sausa

    anyone can help me. Cause my ipad 2 is not charging and not turn it on? I dont know what happen i just leave my ipad and it is have 50% battery but when i check it again it is drain. and I cant charge it nor to turn it on. Please help me.

    • Here’s my post on troubleshooting your iPad or iPhone.

  80. Oyer Sausa

    But my ipad did not open totally and i don’t know what will i do now, i am so desperate and sad.

    • Sorry Oyer. Wish I could help. You’ll want to take it to an Apple store Genius Bar for diagnostics.

  81. Hi sorry for posting this here but there was no where for me to comment on this page “How to Backup your Mac with Time Machine”

    I have just finished doing my first back up using a seagate 1TB hard drive and time machine and I would like to know what I should do now. Do I eject and unplug the hard drive until the next time I want to do a back up? Will time machine keep doing back ups even without the hard drive plugged in? Also should I leave time machine on all the time?

    • The drive must be plugged in to backup and will backup on the hour as long as it’s connected. Frequency is up to you based on how much you change your documents.

  82. Hi MB, I’ve used up my iPad2 ‘s battery.. I’ve charged it since last night and there’s a battery logo on the screen when charged , but when the apple logo comes out it suddenly shut off again.. Whats the problem?? :(