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So you’re a tech-savvy, social networking, web-browsing, online enthusiast and you see all the benefits of what the internet has to offer. You hear about the news before everyone else does and you’ve got plenty of material in your conversation arsenal ready to pull out at the drop of a hat. Maybe you get your updates from Twitter or maybe Facebook or one of the many social networks and news sources available to the public. But your family and maybe even friends just don’t get it. They just think you’re goofing off or wasting time.

How can you get them on board with these amazing tools you’ve discovered? Simple, you just need to show them how it can benefit them personally. Think about it this way, your Grandmother is always calling you to “See how you’re doing” or maybe she’s obsessed with shopping on QVC. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place she could go to hear about everything at once? All she has to do is create an account, set her homepage to and start following your twitter feed. (caution: may be hazardous to your health) Or better yet, show her @QVC to see all the new products as they come out. Maybe Grandpa is a big baseball fan. Just point him in the direction of his favorite team and voila, instant Twitter fan. Not to mention that most cities have news stations with twitter accounts that post frequently about local news and traffic updates before you see them on TV.

The trick is not about whether they understand it. It’s not a crazy concept to get. It’s more about whether a person thinks it’s value is worth it’s effort. So you make it easy. Just show them how (in one place) they learn about things that really interest them specifically. Hint: Maybe Grandma doesn’t exactly need to follow Mashable or Tech Crunch, but they might get a kick out of @dailydilbert or @archiecomics.

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