Use Finder as an FTP Client

Did you know you can use the Mac OS X Finder as an FTP client? For those of you who don’t know about FTP, it stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and is a commonly used method for accessing a web host or sharing files with other users via a server.

This simple tip only requires that you visit “Go” in the Menu Bar while using Finder and at the bottom of that list, choose “Connect to Server.”

A small window will appear allowing you to enter the ftp address such as After pressing “Connect,” you’ll be able to enter your username, password, and any other necessary details to gain access to your FTP account.

There is, however, one big downside to using the Finder as an FTP tool. It can only download. You can’t add local files to the server, only take them from the server.

For a real FTP tool, I’d recommend Cyberduck or Transmit.


  1. Nancy Harris

    I found CyberDuck to be very slow, maybe because it’s written in Java. Transmit is much better but expensive at $34! I settled on the $10 Yummy FTP app from the App Store, because not only was it a third of the price of Transmit, it was also a ton faster :)

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